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Sustainability in Innovation: The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Enablement
29 July 2021
A discussion with Joni Roberts, Founder and CEO of Evolution University.
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Path to Prosperity: A New Way for Students to Fund their Futures
15 July 2021
Interview with Darius Goldman, Founder of Meratas, a platform connecting students to income share agreements...
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The DAO of Self-Sufficiency: How One Man Aims to Build an Entrepreneurial Island Oasis
08 July 2021
Interview with Mars Robertson, creator of Island DAO, a self-sufficient community that will serve as...
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A New Way of Operating: How a More Human Approach to Navigating the Digital World is Being Built
01 July 2021
An interview with Jeevan, a futurist working on a new way to enhance our digital journeys with a consideration...
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Kind of smart, very opinionated. Entrepreneurship is a particular fascination of mine. Since problem solving is a key component of entrepreneurship, a problem I’ve set out to solve is providing as needed support and and information for entrepreneurs, using my musings as a catalyst to create a knowledge base and foster connectivity between entrepreneurs from every step of this unique journey.

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