Incubating Startups, How to Build a Community

Podcast Highlights

Rohan’s journey to mentoring startups

0.08-Rohan’s massively transformative purpose (MTP)

2.41-How the business is structured and revenue streams


6.09-Value proposition

8.04-Short and long term plans

10.11-Roles and responsibilities

13.16-Hiring plans

16.25-Additional plans for the road map

18.08-Biggest challenges faced

21.27-Balancing work and life

26.40-Words of advice for entrepreneurs

Some parts got cut off due to bad connection, I included the transcript of those parts here:

1:15-Rohan: “I’d be speaking and understanding that we both are aligned towards the same goal is to help other entrepreneurs make the entrepreneurship community more inclusive”

6:15-Rohan:  “Right now there are so many entrepreneurs”

11:15-Rohan: “I want to mention that as a co-founder”

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