To great new partnerships!

Exciting New Announcements!

Great New Relationship Forged

I’m excited to announce I’ve helped forge a great new connection between an investor and startup advisor I know, and the brilliant co-founders of, James Quinlan and Ulrik Soderstrom, who I interviewed a few months ago. The investor has asked to remain nameless as he does not want to be inundated with requests for his time and money, and I will of course respect his privacy. James and Ulrik have given me permission however to discuss some of what they’re working on, which I’m keen to do as I’m really thrilled about it and glad my little platform here could provide some value.

At the moment, my investor friend is helping leerly with goal setting, building out investor deck/fundraising strategy, and offering adjustments to their future vision. Additionally, James and Ulrik are building their story and investor deck to raise a pre-seed funding round, wrapping up fundamental development based on user and mentor feedback, and switching and learning about high growth mode. 

My friend has a particular love for languages and was eager to meet James and Ulrik, not only because of the space they are in but also because they are such smart young entrepreneurs who seem set up for success, with the right guidance along the way.

That’s why I created this site. To make a place for entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors to find each other and provide the support and value they all seek. I hope this can be something I continue to do. For James and Ulrik, it was the least I could do as they have been kind enough to continue to introduce me to more entrepreneurs for me to interview. They put tremendous trust in me with the relationships they have, a very valuable currency, and I’m delighted to reciprocate their kindness.

Additional Announcement-My First Sponsor!

I’m also delighted to announce The Maven’s Havens has its very first sponsor! Dan Levison of Vibal Energy Tea has sent me some of his fantastic tea, packed full of caffeine to give you energy and only three grams of sugar with plenty of natural fruit flavoring, which I’ll be shouting out at the beginning of my episodes.

I’m also going to have an episode with Dan soon, and can’t wait to show you all of the awesome things he’s doing to bring healthy and delicious alternatives to plain old coffee for everyone in need of good vibes, balance, and energy to be at their very best.

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