See The Signs: How Technology Aids an Unheard Culture

Podcast Highlights

Antonio and Evgeny’s Entrepreneurial Journey

2:12-Creating the idea and understanding the needs of the deaf community

6:44-Technological challenges and others related to building the product

12:10-The pitfalls ahead, where things could go wrong, and how Antonio and Evgeny are getting ahead of them

15:07-Raising money from investors and the concurrent challenges

19:23-How SLAIT works alongside the deaf community to ensure they are adding value

21:54-Lessons learned from working with the deaf community and how they’ve altered SLAIT’s course

26:00-The failures Evgeny and Antonio have experienced and what they’ve learned

28:31-The challenges involved with finding the right people to build the company

31:03-Dealing with stress and anxiety

35:41-What Evgeny and Antonio love most about being entrepreneurs

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