Man’s Best Friend: What One Company is Doing to Give Pet Parents Better Ways to Care for Their Furry Friends

Podcast Highlights

Rashi’s Journey to Pet Care Excellence

1.02-Rashi’s background and what led her to create CuddlyTails

6.05-How CuddlyTails vets their pet sitters.

9.15-How Rashi went from concept to company

15.40-The role technology plays in growing CuddlyTails

17.04-The biggest challenges CuddlyTails has faced

20.13-The personal challenges Rashi has dealt with and how she overcomes them

24.16-Rashi’s most notable failures and what she’s learned from them

27.41-Where Rashi foresees things going wrong and what she’s doing to get out ahead of potential problems

32.13-Rashi’s book recommendations and advice for fellow entrepreneurs

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