High Energy Delights: How a South American Recipe Combats Fatigue

Podcast Highlights

Exequiel’s Journey to Entrepreneurial Success

1.33-How Exequiel created Zappyo and how they create healthy, high energy beverages

5.50-How Exequiel is introducing Yerba Mate to the North American market and overcoming cultural barriers

11.23-How Exequiel tells his story through his brand and his approach to market research

13.53-What motivates Exequiel to opt for entrepreneurship over a traditional career

19.07-Exequiel’s thoughts on the importance of self-awareness for entrepreneurs

21.02-Exequiel’s experience with the stresses and anxiety of entrepreneurship and how he copes with them

25.35-Some of the mistakes made along the way and the learning lessons that have come from them

30.00-Where Exequiel’s sees potential problems in the future and what he’s doing to get out ahead of them

33.02-Advice for entrepreneurs

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