New Money: How One Company is Reinventing Capital Investment

Podcast Highlights

Will’s Story

1.05-How Will came up with his idea and made it into a company

4.42-How Chisos’ Income Share Agreements work

8.59-Will’s take on the availability of startup capital for founders and how they’re leveraging the information available to make sound investments

12.22-Will’s decision to veer from his career in finance to entrepreneurship

15.46-What Will finds most rewarding about entrepreneurship

18.13-Mistakes Will has made and what he’s learned

22.08-The biggest surprise Will has experienced thus far

24.44-Will’s biggest challenge thus far

30.33-Where things could possibly go wrong and what Will is doing to get out ahead of all that

32.15-What Will would have done differently

36.09-Words of advice for entrepreneurs

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