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Kind of smart, very opinionated. Entrepreneurship is a particular fascination of mine. Since problem solving is a key component of entrepreneurship, a problem I’ve set out to solve is providing as needed support and and information for entrepreneurs, using my musings as a catalyst to create a knowledge base and foster connectivity between entrepreneurs from every step of this unique journey.

Got around to doing my own thing. I’m creating an online fitness platform called FighterFitnessClub featuring professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters as instructors. The emphasis is on getting in shape like world class professional athletes.

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My best Blue Steel. Forgot you need to look at the camera. Career SaaS salesman and entrepreneur

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09 June 2021
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03 June 2021
Interview with Mark Alford, cofounder of Managed Language, a company helping organizations write their...
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25 May 2021
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