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This part is pretty straightforward. It’s just a blog with my thoughts on topics relevant to entrepreneurship, and if you scroll down there are opinion pieces and information on investment related topics.
Additional perspective will come from my podcast and newsfeed. I also touch on related topics and attempt to tie it all back. Trying to update regularly, but don’t have a set schedule.

Exciting New Announcements!
02 April 2021
New developments for my mission here.
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The Myth of Being "Self Made": What's so Wrong About it
20 March 2021
Hint: It's not true.
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The Truth of Famous Business Anecdotes: Fact vs Fiction
12 March 2021
A lot of the stories you hear about the business world are like stories you hear about anything else;...
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Extreme Wealth: The Richest People in History
05 March 2021
Some of the wealthiest people in history, and their exploits.
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Bad Business Practices: How to Torpedo Your Company Part 2
26 February 2021
Bad business, and the screwups who make them so pt 2.
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Bad Business: How to Torpedo Your Company
19 February 2021
Bad business, and the screwups who make them so.
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SPACs: Worthless Wealth Transfers at the Expense of Retail Investors
29 April 2021
SPACs. Nothing really good to say about them at all.
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Crypto: Everything Wrong With, and Right About it
09 April 2021
What would a trend be without some good, contrarian views?
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GameStonk: Why This Isn't Some Morality Tale
05 February 2021
Not much of a revolution it turns out. My prediction, we'll forget about all of this pretty soon.
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Top 50 Companies in the World-Short Sellers
14 January 2021
Top 50 Companies in the World by Market Cap and How Much They're Being Sold Short.
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Top 50 Companies in the World-Institutional Investors
08 January 2021
How much of Tesla, and the other 49 members of the top 50 market cap club, are owned by institutional...
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Tesla's Market Cap-Sky High Market Caps Cont'd
19 December 2020
My thoughts and opinions on Tesla's market cap, and why it's all wrong.
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