Sustainability in Innovation: The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Enablement

Podcast Highlights

Joni’s Journey

1:51-Joni’s background and how she started Evolution University

6:06-Goals and targets for 2020

8:39-The five mindsets Evolution University students must possess

17:43-How to deal with the stresses and hardships of entrepreneurship

20:37-Where entrepreneurs fail and overcoming skill gaps

23:00-Knowing the difference between when to persist and when to move on from an idea

24:51-Where society has the most need of entrepreneurs

30:30-How society can better support entrepreneurs efforts to contribute positively to society

37:08-Parting advice for entrepreneurs

Path to Prosperity: A New Way for Students to Fund their Futures

Podcast Highlights

Darius’ Journey

0:55-Darius’ background and how he found his passion

8:53-How Income Share Agreements work for students

13:33-The greatest challenges Darius has faced in his journey thus far

16:33-How Darius shuts off the noise and stays focused

20:45-Some of the mistakes Darius has made and what he’s learned from them

22:50-Where Darius foresees things potentially going wrong and what he’s doing to get ahead of those challenges

27:02-How Darius deals with stress and anxiety as an entrepreneur

32:39-What’s up next for Meratas?

35:53-Parting words of advice

The DAO of Self-Sufficiency: How One Man Aims to Build an Entrepreneurial Island Oasis

Podcast Highlights

Mars’ Journey

1:13-The concept of DAO and Mars idea to build an island community that will heal the world

6:55-Where Mars got this idea and his passion from

12:04-How Mars intends to change minds and get people involved in a project of such grand scope

16:20-Mars’ recent failure to buy the island and what he learned

23:00-How Mars recovered his energy after this setback

30:47-Where Mars sees potential for things to go wrong and what he’s doing to get ahead of those pitfalls

35:15-Mars’ advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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