When Entrepreneurial Insights From One Keen Hobbyist Aren’t Enough

On the advice of a close friend whose opinion I greatly value, I’ve decided to launch a podcast about all things entrepreneurial. I don’t have a set cadence, but am going to try to regularly conducted new interviews with entrepreneurs from all sorts of business endeavors.

Really aiming to share a variety of unique perspectives to help anyone with ambitions of entrepreneurial success learn what to expect and discover how to best achieve their goals.

Increasing Empathy: How to Architect Safe Communication
27 April 2021
Interview with Garrett Rokosh, co-founder of Social Architect, a company helping leaders of remote teams...
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Heavenly Delights: How Maxine's Makes Delicious Vegan Cookies
13 April 2021
Today, I had a chance to learn more about Maxine's Heavenly, a vegan bakery, from its cofounder, Robert...
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Mellivora: Upgrading Enterprises with DevOps, NLP, and Big Data Solutions
06 April 2021
An interview with Olga Pogozheva, founder of Mellivora (honeybadger), a DevOps, NLP, and Big Data consultancy.
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Maintaining Your Authenticity: How to Gamify Marriage
30 March 2021
A chat with Garrett Hoyos, founder of Authenticity VR, his way of helping married couples deal with their...
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hollr at Me: The Best New Way to Connect
23 March 2021
Digital business cards will soon be all the rage. Dave Mason, cofounder of hollr, was kind enough to...
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Get Your Game On: How One Company is Changing the World of Sports
16 March 2021
My good friend, Gerald Asante, and his cofounder, Jimmy Law, tell me all about how they are going to...
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